Fiat advisor Sergio Marchionne has made the bold objective that the Italian carmaker's subsidiary Maserati will deliver up to 12,000 units in 2011. Last year, it experienced a 3% rise in sales totaling 5,724 units sold worldwide. According to Automotive News, the company now hopes to more than double this tally in the following years with the introduction of new models and the expansion into new markets.

Following the recent release of its automatic Quattroporte sedan, Maserati is tipped to unveil its all-new Coupé at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. Also joining Maserati’s lineup will be an SUV model with styling similar to that seen on its Kubang concept displayed back in 2003. With the launch of these models, Maserati is expecting to realize sales of 7,500 units this year, a jump of 22%.

The Kubang concept was designed by the legendary Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro and features a near-optimal 48/52% weight distribution and a centre of gravity 100mm lower than an average SUV. It’s powered by a 390bhp V8 engine and gives drivers a car-like feel thanks to its low and sporty driving position.