Honda released official details on its Advanced VTEC (A-VTEC) system in September last year, but up until now there hasn't been much news of any production applications of the technology. A new patent has been registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office that appears to be the application for a new Advanced VTEC system from Honda titled "Variable valve actuating device." A post on the Temple of VTEC website claims the new technology would continuously vary lift or duration of the valves, similar to BMW’s innovative Valvetronic, rather than using a stepped change as both VTEC and i-VTEC have used.

The technology can be applied to both SOHC and DOHC engines, and the elimination of throttling losses and the total control of lift and duration as outlined in the patent means that Honda’s claims of double digit gains in fuel economy over existing Honda engines is believable.

A-VTEC is expected to debut in the 2008 model Accord and should feature in both the four-cylinder and V6 variants. The benefits of the A-VTEC system is improved top end power matched with decent midrange torque and fuel economy, all while using a simpler and lighter SOHC engine.