General Motors will add a new high-output diesel engine to its Cadillac lineup, which will appear in the 2009 model-year CTS sedan. The state-of-the-art engine was unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show and features new injection and combustion technology for low emissions and high performance.

Displacing just 2.9L, the clean V6 engine develops 250hp (184kW) and a massive 550Nm (406 lb.-ft.) from as low as 2000rpm thanks to an electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger. The engine is being aimed at European markets where economical diesels are popular in the competitive luxury segment.

The engine’s development was spearheaded by GM Powertrain's European operations in Turin, Italy, and in conjunction with diesel specialists VM Motori. VM Motori will build the new unit at its plant in Cento, Italy, and is responsible for the mechanical aspects of the engine's design, development and bench testing. There's a good chance that this diesel could also end up in cars based on GM's Zeta platform and be sold in territories outside Europe.


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