China’s Chery Automobile has announced that it will unveil its new Chery A1 subcompact at next month’s Shanghai Auto Show. The new A1 is the first model to be jointly developed by the partnership between Chery and the Chrysler Group and is said to be one of at least six other small cars to eventuate from the joint-venture.

The A1 is basically the replacement for the previous Chery QQ model pictured above, but this won’t be the car that Chrysler will sell in the US and Europe. According to Chery spokesman Wang Wei, the A1 is strictly limited to the Chinese market.

Chrysler’s parent company DaimlerChrysler AG only gave its approval for the deal last month so it’s still early days and there’s yet to be an announcement on which cars will be making it Stateside. One thing’s for certain, the cars will be cheap. The A1 will sell locally from between $5,200 and 8,400. We should have more information when the Shanghai Auto Show opens its doors on the 21st of April.