If you already own or are thinking of getting a McLaren but are jealous of all the personalization options Ferrari offers its customers, you no longer have to look on with envy as the British firm’s own personalization department, McLaren Special Operations (MSO), has just been significantly expanded.

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There are now five specific levels of personalization programs that offer upgrades ranging from minor body mods right up to dedicated client racing programs like that involving the upcoming P1 GTR track car. The five levels in ascending order are: MSO Defined, MSO Bespoke, MSO Heritage, MSO Limited and MSO Programs.

MSO Defined: This program is ideal for those buyers new to the world of vehicle personalization. Key modifications here include the installation of items such as aero kits and replacement components made out of carbon fiber, such as for the rear diffuser, side mirror stands and dash elements.

MSO Bespoke: Those with more ambitious modifications in mind should sign up for the MSO Bespoke program, which provides an almost unlimited level of personalization to McLaren owners. Options can be as simple as unique paint or leather trims or rise up to be as complex as one-off vehicles. Let’s just hope we don’t see anything as silly as 2012’s X-1 anytime soon.

MSO Limited: As its name suggests, the MSO Limited program is tasked with creating limited-run and special edition examples of existing McLaren products. A prime example is the McLaren 50 12C which marked the brand’s 50th anniversary.

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MSO Heritage: This program is actually an evolution of the original McLaren Customer Care Program launched in the 1990s to cater to owners of McLaren’s first road car, the F1. MSO Heritage looks after owners of McLaren models no longer in production, such as the F1 as well as the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and more recent 12C.

MSO Programs: Finally, the recently-launched MSO Programs division encompasses the upcoming P1 GTR track special and all related services, such as driver training, vehicle transport and maintenance, and the organizing of track day events around the globe.


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