Let’s get this clear up front: speeding is dumb, especially speeding in town, and even worse, in a residential or school zone. If you get a ticket for speeding, you deserve it.

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But sometimes the cops can take things a bit too far.

Here, we see a photo collage posted to Twitter by the Vancouver Police Department, showing a new Lamborghini Huracán being loaded on a flatbed tow truck (at least they got that part right) and a speed reading of 102 km/h—or about 63 mph.

The penalty? A $368 fine and impound for 7 days. That seems a bit steep for a speed that’d get you run over by big rigs on the interstate, perhaps, but given the location shown at the tow site, 63 mph could be nearly 40 mph over the limit—truly reckless driving.

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That said, putting the story out there on Twitter as a public shaming—gloating, really—seems like a step too far. At least they had the courtesy to conceal the license plate.