With the European Union cracking down on carbon-dioxide emissions from cars, several proposals have been put forward including limiting the levels of CO2 emissions from new cars to 130g/km and more recently, imposing a speed limit on Germany’s autobahn. You’d think that most Germans would be against any such proposal, but a recent poll has found that nearly two in three of its citizens are in favor of the limits.

Reuters reports that the poll, which was run by ZDF television, found 54% of Germans prefer a speed limit of 130km/h, while another 10% would like the limit set even lower. Only about 35% wanted to keep the highways without any limits. According to the EU’s environment commissioner, Stavros Dimas, driving at very high speeds wastes a lot of energy. Fortunately, German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee is opposed to the idea.

Most German carmakers pride themselves on producing vehicles capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200km/h, and a new limit could potentially threaten the marketing attraction of their cars.