Porsche may add a new compact SUV model to its lineup to compete with the impending flood of new premium mid-sized crossovers from the luxury automakers. In addition to the four-door Panamera, Porsche is rumored to be speeding up the development of the BMW X3 competitor by sharing components being developed for the upcoming Tiguan and Q5 SUVs from Volkswagen and Audi.

According to Germany’s AutoZeitung, the new Porsche model will also utilize the same drivetrains as its larger Cayenne sibling with both V6 and V8 powerplants expected to debut. Porsche’s CEO Wendelin Wiedeking has previously mentioned that he’d like to see further utilization of the new production facilities being set up to accommodate the Panamera, so it’s entirely possible that we’ll see Porsche build a new small SUV.

Porsche is close to losing whatever exclusivity and brand cachet it has left. The introduction of the Cayenne was supposed to help with the development of new models, but the resulting cash injection has only led to the production of the Panamera. Where's the modern version of the Porsche 928?