A new intelligent lighting system that uses an on-board camera to detect oncoming traffic or pedestrians and then adjusts the car’s headlight beam angle so as to not dazzle them has been developed and could one day be introduced as standard equipment on all new cars.

The UK’s AutoExpress reports that the camera scans the oncoming road for up to 800m and when it detects an oncoming vehicle, it positions the headlights downwards to reduce the level of brightness and length of the beam. Similar systems are already in use that relies on light sensors, but this latest camera system has proven much more accurate in initial tests.

According to its designers, the system also improves visibility on inclined roads, with the light beam staying glued to the road at all times. LED clusters surrounding the main headlight are also being testing. These auxiliary set of lights can be aimed at passing road markings and signs so that the main headlight can remain dipped on the road head.