We’ve recently seen a lot of attention paid towards the booming Chinese market, with increased inflows of foreign investment and new car plants being set-up across the country. It makes it easy to forget that one of China’s neighbors, India, whose population also exceeds one billion people, is expected to emerge as the globe’s second fastest growing auto market.

General Motors isn’t ignoring the hype. Its CEO Rick Wagoner has admitted that it “will be important for GM to do well in emerging markets such as India for its future." For this year alone, global auto sales are expected to top 70 million units and according to Wagoner, 70% of this growth will come from the Asia Pacific region.

In an article from The Financial Express, Wagoner is said to be impressed with the vision set by India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, which would see his nation enhance its India-US economic relations. India’s PM has also envisaged the country’s 2016 automotive mission and GM is said to be happy to join.

Pictured above is GM's Matiz small hatch, one of the most popular models sold in India today.