It appears the new Mercedes Benz CL coupe wasn’t big enough for the guys over at Fab Design, because the tuner has just released a new wide body aerodynamic package for the mega-coupe. The kit includes a new front bumper flanked by wide front fenders with large are intakes that cool both the engine and brakes.

Completing the sporty look are new sideskirts that lead to the protruding rear fenders, which themselves aid ventilation and cooling of the rear brake system. A revised rear-bumper has been added that’s said to increase the level of downforce when traveling at speed. This also houses a set of four integrated and stacked exhaust tailpipes.

Not even the classy interior of the standard coupe remains untouched. Designers have decked out the cabin with light beige leather and alcantara with the middle sections covered in faux crocodile skin. Engineers then lifted the standard car’s output to 650hp with torque reaching 1120Nm at just 1,800rpm. To cope with the extra power, developers needed to beef up the car’s internals. This consisted of revisions to the gearbox and the braking system to ensure maximum safety and reliability. The manufacturer claims top speed is now 320km/h and the sprint from 0-100km/h should take around 4.2 seconds. Now, how will AMG top this with its own Black Series version?


Via: Carscoop