Renault will be playing the quality card for its next generation Laguna and has offered us a glimpse of the high standards we can expect with this latest set of teaser images showing the carmaker’s new focus on attention to detail. To compete with established players in the premium segment, Renault will rely on increased quality standards and exciting design, strategies that have worked well for Nissan’s Infiniti brand. Under its own Renault Commitment 2009, the French automaker eventually hopes to be ranked among the top three in this segment in terms of product and service quality.

Expect the new Laguna to take advantage of high quality materials for its interior, giving the vehicle a more upmarket feel than current models. Larger dimensions and higher performance will also see the new Laguna rated in the full-size category. Previous reports have suggested that Renault’s new Laguna would source drivetrains from Nissan, namely its 3.5L global V6, and would also spawn a new coupe model.

These latest teaser shots do reveal a markedly different vehicle to the outgoing version but we’ll have to wait until the new Laguna is fully unveiled on the 4th of June to find out if Renault can live up to its claims.