Toyota gave us a preview of a next-generation hybrid model with its Hybrid X concept car (pictured) that debuted at the recent Geneva Motor Show. Given its familiar shape, many pundits, including us, quickly surmised that this was a preview of the third iteration of Toyota’s eco-friendly Prius. According to an article from Automobile Magazine, Toyota will in fact be releasing three new hybrid vehicles labeled the Prius A, B, and C, with the new models due in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively.

A company source revealed that all future hybrids will carry the Prius name tag, with the three letters denoting different vehicle sizes. Each model will have its own unique styling and will bear no resemblance to any of Toyota’s other models. The Automobile Magazine article also purports that cars like the current Camry Hybrid will no longer exist, instead being replaced by a new range of stylish and spacious Prius hybrid cars.

All three cars will have to fit rows of batteries into the floor plan, but developers don’t want to create a tall van shaped model like the current Prius. In terms of size, the Prius A is said to be similar in size to the small Yaris hatch, the Prius B will be slightly larger than the current Prius and the Prius C is expected to be a little smaller than the Camry sedan and should look the most like the Hybrid X concept car.