Back in March, Aston Martin was separated from Ford’s Premier Auto Group and ended up in the hands of Prodrive boss David Richards, American banker John Sinders and Kuwait’s Investment Dar Co. The man credited with turning around the carmaker’s fortunes, its lively CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez, has stayed onboard to run the show but is now joined at the helm by the new owners. Sinders and Bez have now revealed some of Aston Martin’s future plans in a recent interview with Automobile Magazine.

Sinders explains that Bez has laid the groundwork by developing the right product and combining it with great engineering. The next step is to develop better engines and to increase the dealer network, while building brand awareness. Future models will move upmarket rather than down, and will most likely be based on the same VH platform that underlies the current lineup. Developers will continue to refresh the range but will also be adding a new halo car to go head-to-head with the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo. As for forced induction powerplants or an SUV model, Sinders out-right rejected the notions.

Both Sinders and Bez are avid racing fans, while Richards’ Prodrive firm runs Aston Martin’s racing division, so it’s a safe bet that there’ll be a much larger motorsports program. One of Sinders key goals is to reintroduce Aston into the American Le Mans Series but any chance of Formula One has been ruled out.

On the engineering side, Bez reveals that the VH platform will be used until as late as 2015, albeit in a lighter and more efficient form. Expect one-off or limited edition vehicles based on its current lineup, including lightweight specials similar to Lamborghini’s Superleggera. The future may also see development work on new models outsourced to other companies but brand development and marketing will remain in-house, Bez assures us.