BMW will soon be adding its fuel-saving technology to its Mini brand when an updated range is released in about six months time. Some of the features will include brake regeneration technology and automatic stop-start, items shared with BMW’s 1-series hatch.

Other technologies that will carry over from the BMW, according to BusinessCar, include an electronic power steering module instead of the current hydraulic system and lower rolling resistant tires.

When these items debuted on the 1-series, emissions levels dropped by 21% with fuel consumption falling by up to 24%. If the updated Mini with its smaller 1.4L engine achieves similar results, the new model will easily undercut the all important 130g/km carbon-dioxide emissions standard.

Mini’s diesel model is already a star performance in the environment and economy arenas. The 1.6L turbodiesel develops a healthy 109bhp and 192lb-ft of torque on overboost and emits a very low 118g of carbon per km, while still delivering mileage rates of up to 64.2mpg.