Despite the US easily rating as the number one market for Lexus vehicles, and most other luxury makes for that matter, Toyota’s premium label is expecting to sell more of its LS600h and the long-wheelbase flagship saloons in Japan than it does in the States, with Europe close behind in second place.

The new hybrid limo is the most expensive Lexus ever sold, but execs are still expecting to move roughly 300 cars per month in Japan over the cars five-year life cycle or about 3,600 units per year. For Europe, officials are looking at roughly 180 cars per month, or about 2,160 a year. US dealers are only expected to shift around 1,200 to 2,000 cars per year when it goes on sale in North America around late July or early August.

These estimates have even surprised the big Lexus’ developers, including the chief engineer of hybrid drivetrains Sam Sadakata who spoke recently with Automotive News.

"I was surprised by that," he said, "I thought the hybrid market was more the United States and Japan." Sadakata also mentioned that he believed Toyota was underestimating their expectations, something most Lexus managers in the US agree with. Instead, they’re predicting up to 2,000 sales per year.