It’s well document that China’s Chery Auto will be working closely with Chrysler for the development of a new Chinese built model to be sold in the US, but latest reports are suggesting that Chery might not be the only carmaker in bed with Chrysler. There's also talk of Chery building a second model for Chrysler, which will be sold by the American automaker in emerging markets such as South America and Eastern Europe.

According to AutoWeek, Chrysler is expected to make an announcement very soon outlining its plans for a production version of the Hornet Concept car that was first displayed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. The latest news is that Volkswagen AG and Mitsubishi will be involved in the car’s development, most likely to supply the project with a range of world-class powertrains.

The original concept car featured a supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine that develops 170hp, but the production car will likely be offered with both petrol and turbodiesel options. The car is expected to be unveiled at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but the official announcement should be made within the next month or two.