The two luxury marques have already seen some success by collaborating over the development of super-efficient diesel and hybrid technology, albeit with Volkswagen and General Motors lending a hand as well, but there could be more tie-ups in the future if BMW has its way. Execs in Munich are hoping to work closer with Mercedes-Benz in the future, according to BMW director Michael Ganal who spoke recently with Germany’s Automobilwoche.

It would be a logical choice, said Ganal, because both carmakers operate in the premium segment and both have a focus on building highly advanced cars with impeccable quality. Ganal also confirmed that BMW is not in any talks with Volvo and that there are no plans for the adoption of any other brand.

When questioned about what developments the two firms could undertake together, Ganal only mentioned that there are several possibilities but wasn’t willing to give any details. Over the next two decades, both companies will have to reaffirm their brand values for emerging markets such as China and India where often badge-cred is not enough to justify premium price tags.