The Gibbs Aquada is a three-seater amphibious vehicle developed by the UK’s Neil Jenkins and New Zealander Alan Gibbs. After years of financial difficulties in getting the project off the groud, the Aquada is reported to be ready for production and is set to be joined by a new amphibious military vehicle named the Aquaski.

The Aquaski will be produced in a joint-venture between Gibbs Technologies and defense supplier Lockheed Martin. Now that it has the technology locked down, Gibbs and his team are confident that they can produce amphibious vehicles in any segment.

According to its creators, the Aquada has cost over $100 million to develop and has taken more than one million man-hours of R&D time. The original Aquada prototype set the world record for crossing the English Channel by an amphibious vehicle, but since then the company has suffered several major setbacks including a redesign of the drivetrain following the demise of its engine supplier, the now defunct Rover.