Mitsubishi will launch its first all-electric vehicle by mid-2010 in Japan with the first European sales expected to start in the following year. The car will be based on the current i car, which is sold in Japan with a 0.7L MIVEC three-cylinder engine. The electric version, currently undergoing testing in the UK, will sport a lithium-ion battery under the passenger seat, which will power an electric motor positioned in the rear of the car.

In an interview with CAR Magazine, Mitsubishi’s UK managing director Jim Tyrrell revealed that the electric motor will develop 47kW and 133lb ft of torque, allowing it to reach a top speed of 81mph with a range in excess of 100 miles.

The car will have two plugs for recharging, a quick charge outlet that can charge the battery to 80% capacity within 25 minutes or an onboard charger that plugs into an ordinary household power outlet and takes between seven and 13 hours to charge. Though the quick charge system sounds good, it will require special fast-charging infrastructure that’s still under development.

We’re big fans of ultra-efficient minicars like the Mitsubishi i and Smart Fortwo, and are looking forward to seeing the other major carmakers launch similar models in coming years.