Chrysler has announced the adoption of a range of new fuel-saving technologies to improve mileage rates of its vehicles. The major news is the development of a family of V6 engines with cylinder deactivation technology, similar to GM's displacement on demand. This means that three cylinders can be turned off by the engine during low load situations, such as cruising on a highway, thus saving fuel. Associated Press reports that this could improve fuel-economy by 6 to 8%.

Other initiatives include the introduction of two-mode hybrid powertrains in more vehicles, more efficient drivetrains and new clean-diesel motors. The two-mode hybrid system will first appear in the Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango models, and is claimed to improve fuel-economy by up to 40% in the city.

Chrysler is also investigating the possibility of a range of new four-cylinder powerplants for North America, as well as the addition of new fuel-efficient dual-clutch gearboxes by 2010.

Finally, Chrysler has also revealed that it will offer “mild hybrid” powertrains for some vehicles within the next couple of years, a system that will allow an engine to shutdown when a car is stuck in traffic or at a stop light.