Sounding like something lifted directly out of a James Bond flick, a Cessna piloted by a pair of FBI agents has crashed into a black Italian supercar at an airport in Oregon. The owner of the exotic, Marlowe Treit, who purchased the car back in 1998, is now suing over the accident and is seeking up to $105,500 in damages.

At the controls of the Cessna were FBI agents John Jeffries and Robert Brockmeyer, who reported that the plane was moving down the taxiway when the car collided with the propeller. Treit was driving his 1985 Lamborghini Countach, which after getting hit by the plane’s propeller started to gush fluids. The car was still drivable after the hit but hasn’t been driven since.

Treit, who owns a business at the airport, told reporters from local newspaper The Oregonian that he had the right of way and the pilots should have seen him. However, the transportation safety board has determined that both Treit and the agents were at fault as both failed "to maintain an adequate visual lookout."

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