Audi’s new RS6 will blow away the competition when it hits the street with a supercar rivaling 571hp output derived from its twin-turbo V10 engine. Vehicle registration details from an inside source reveal specific information about the new Audi model including engine capacity and specific outputs.

The last three numbers of vehicle chassis codes for the new RS6, ‘Audi AG 4F 7967 21 AAJ N31 N30 579 426 5002’ reveal that the car will have 579ps (metric horsepower rating), which is roughly equivalent to 571hp. The second last number describes the rating in kilowatts, in this case 426kw, and the last number is the engine capacity, 5002cc.

Handling all this power will be a six-speed ZF automatic transmission and quattro AWD that will also have to deal with all 1,000Nm of torque. Powerful carbon-ceramic brakes will be available as an option as well as a possible DSG transmission, reports Auto Motor and Sport.

Following the release of the regular sedan and Avant models of the RS6, Audi is expected to launch a ‘Plus’ version with even more power. Current estimates are around the 620 to 635hp. Beyond this, the same twin-turbo powerplant will make its way into a high-performance RS version of the R8 super-sports car.