Visitors at this month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed were treated with a rare sighting of the 2009 GT-R prototype, with test drivers doing a couple of laps to entertain the crowd. The annual Goodwood event has definitely proven itself to be one of the most exciting car shows of the year, with automotive specials such as the Acabion GTBO, the 1,012-horsepower Bristol Fighter T, the one-off Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina, and the RUF CT3 all making a showing.

Due to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year, the new GT-R will be packing Nissan’s 3.7-liter V-6 with VVEL technology and a couple of turbochargers to lift output beyond 450 hp. Drive will be sent to all four wheels via the latest iteration of the ATTESA ET-S torque-sensing all-wheel-drive system plus a new sequential manual gearbox or a possible dual-clutch system.

Nissan is expected to release the GT-R in three different flavors: the standard model, a new GT-R V-Spec and a range-topping Evo. The latter will shed up to 100 kilograms over the first two models thanks to carbon fiber replacements for some panels and mechanicals, and should develop in excess of 500 hp.


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