Toyota is reportedly developing a production version of the FSC, which was first displayed back at 2005’s Tokyo Motor Show. Touted as a ‘Flexible Saloon Concept’, the showcar's design was sedan mixed with MPV and is essentially what we’d describe today as a crossover. The concept was only designed to accommodate four passengers but any production car could feature up to seven seats.

Loosely based on the Camry, Winding Road reports that the final version will be styled almost exactly like the concept although the interior will be toned down significantly. Some features that could make it across from the concept include the interior ambient lighting, and the electrically adjustable rear seating.

Power options will be lifted directly from the Camry, which means a 2.4L four-cylinder or a 3.5L V6 will be available and possibly a hybrid variant down the track. The car is tipped to enter production in September this year but there’s no word on which markets it will be sold in.