Audi tuning company has released pictures of its tuning kit for the new A5 coupe, combining bodykit, power upgrades, improved handling, and new wheels. Apart from the typical front and rear spoilers, the AS5 gains gill-shaped air inlets above the front wheels to help cool the brakes.

The A5’s 3.0L TDI engine is expected to be the biggest seller, so ABT has concentrated on improving power outputs for this specific model. Using basic ECU tuning, power goes from 240hp to 272hp, and you can get an extra thirty ponies with an ABT turbocharger. The company also claims it will modify the other A5 powerplants down the line.

Underneath, the suspension has been tuned to give the car a sportier ride and huge 380mm brake discs have been applied. Finishing up the package are 18-20in wheels shod with tires of your choice.