Honda is focusing on new diesel powertrains to improve its standings in the fuel-economy stakes, and the latest announcement is news that it’s planning a low-emission diesel V6 powerplant for the North American market for introduction in 2010.

Last month, Honda announced that it would be dropping its Accord hybrid in favor of an economical diesel version, and if reports about the new V6 diesel from Japan’s Nikkei prove true, we’ll soon see more models in its lineup with the efficient oil-burners.

The new engine is said to be a 3.5L diesel unit that’s 30% more fuel efficient that an equivalent petrol models. Diesel engines also emit close to 20% less carbon-dioxide but do release harmful nitrogen oxides and particulates. The first vehicle to get the diesel V6 will be its Odyssey minivan, and it’s likely the efficient motor will flow on to its SUV and crossover lineup including vehicles like the Pilot (pictured) and Ridgeline pickup.