BMW’s 50% stake in Brazil’s Tritec engine manufacturer has been signed over to the Chrysler Group, who may now sell it on to a third party. Tritec was originally formed in 1997 between Chrysler and Rover (then a subsidiary of BMW) to develop a compact four-cylinder engine for a range of new small cars. After BMW sold-off its Rover subsidiary in 2000, it retained its share of Tritec to source small engines for its Mini label. Versions of the Tritec motor were also used in the Chrysler PT Cruiser and China’s Chery A15.

Several Chinese carmakers are reported to be interested in buying the plant, whose annual production capacity is around 250,000 units, Reuters reports. The four-cylinder Tritec engine would help the Chinese meet European and US emissions standards as the engine is already in full compliance.

BMW, meanwhile, will continue using a new range of engines co-developed with France’s PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group to power the Mini.