Toyota has moved up to sixth place on this year’s Fortune 500 list of the world's 500 largest companies by revenue, up from eighth spot the year before. General Motors still managed to hold its title of the world’s largest carmaker in terms of revenue, registering ahead of Toyota in fifth place.

GM’s revenues for the year totaled $207.35 billion, while Toyota, who’s likely to overtake GM in this year’s list, was close behind on $204.75 billion. Despite Fortune’s rankings, Toyota actually surpassed GM in the global sales race last year with a lead of roughly 128,000 vehicles according to data compiled by Automotive News.

Retuning to the top spot was retailer Wal-Mart, who posted annual revenues of $351.14 billion, and in second place were oil companies Exxon Mobile and Royal Dutch Shell with annual revenues of $347.25 billion and $318.85 billion respectively. Not surprisingly, six of the top ten companies were oil companies. Just remember that next time you’re filling up at a fuel station.