To quell fears of substandard quality for products sourced from its Chinese partner Chery Auto, Chrysler personnel will be on hand in China early in the development and manufacturing phases to ensure that the cars meet global quality and safety standards.

Together with Chery, Chrysler will be launching a new global B-segment model, however, Chrysler exec Steven Landry revealed to Automotive News that the hope is to introduce models in all volume segments.

For its new Chery-built small car, Landry mentions cars like the Honda Fit and Chevrolet Aveo as the most likely competitors. However, before the car reaches the US, it will initially be launched in countries that have less stringent safety requirements so that any quality problems can be addressed before it reaches North America.

Analysts predict that the first car will be sold under the Dodge label and could be a production version of the Hornet minicar unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year.