In may we reported about the failed attempt of Karl Jacob to break the land speed record for the standing mile in an E85 ethanol fueled Dodge Viper. We can now report that on his second attempt, Jacobs and his team have claimed the record for a street legal vehicle with a top speed of 220.7mph (355kmh). The previous record, held by a petrol powered car was 217.8mph (350kmh).

The car is a street-legal bio-fueled Viper that produces close to 1,100hp and was developed to show that the words ‘alternative fuel’ and ‘high-performance’ can be used in the same sentence. During the development phase, Jacob and his team discovered that renewable fuel performs much better than today’s petrol fuels because the burning of ethanol in bio-fuel has the positive side effect of cooling the combustion chambers, resulting in more peak power. Follow the jump to watch a video of the record breaking attempt.

Via: AutoblogGreen