Despite the findings of a new study that found the popularity of hybrid cars was sinking in favor of diesels, Lexus is pushing ahead with the roll-out of more petrol-electric models and has announced that it will be lifting production of the eco-friendly cars.

Lexus exec James H. Colon has revealed that there’ll be more hybrid models in addition to the two hybrid sedans and one SUV that it currently sells, and the hope is that annual sales for the luxury brand will increase by 100,000 cars overall, reports The Detroit News.

Lexus sees a market for affluent drivers that are still concerned about the environment and is currently touting the benefits of its new Lexus LS 600h. However, the V8 powered saloon only achieves a fuel economy rating of 20mpg in the city and 22mpg for highways. The results are nothing substantial in hybrid terms but the electric motor also lifts performance in addition to improving fuel economy.