Still reeling from its failed attempt to rebuild Saab, Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker has run into what the company describes as “short-term operational and liquidity challenges” and has been forced to file for bankruptcy protection. A Dutch court has approved the application for restructuring and appointed an administrator who will oversee a temporary freeze of payments due to Spyker’s creditors.

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In the meantime, Spyker’s key operations, which include the development of the new B6 Venator sports car, are expected to continue. This will be made possible by new loans that Spyker says it is in the process of securing.

In a statement, Spyker CEO Victor Muller pointed out a number of serious difficulties and challenges facing Spyker resulting from, among others, the legacy of its Formula One participation from 2006-2007 and the aforementioned Saab bungle. However, he is confident of the company’s new restructuring plan, which in addition to the B6 Venator program will include—wait for it—a merger with an American “high-performance electric aircraft” manufacturer.

Spyker, which in a previous incarnation also built aircraft, says it plans to use the electric aircraft manufacturer’s “exciting new sustainable technology” in its future cars. This suggests we’ll see some vehicle electrification in Spyker’s future, assuming the company actually builds and sells enough cars to have a future.

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“Since 2000, the year we were established, we have always lived by our company's axiom ‘Nulla Tenaci In Via Est Via,’ Latin for ‘For the tenacious no road is impassible,’ and we will most certainly continue to do so." Muller said. “We expect to emerge from this restructuring a stronger, more innovative company that is well positioned for growth and profitability."


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