Audi’s stunning new A5 coupe still isn’t available in most markets yet but the company has already seen fit to expand the model range to include two new six-cylinder engines. The new engines come in at the low-end with a 2.7L TDI and 3.2 FSI model that are mated to continuously variable multitronic transmissions.

The 2.7 TDI churns out only 140kW (190hp) of power but makes up for it with 400Nm of torque and a fuel rating of just 6.7L/100km. Despite this, it manages to get a reasonable 0-100km time of 7.6s and a top speed of 232km/h.

The V6 petrol engine is the same as that used throughout the Audi lineup and delivers 195kW (265hp) and 330Nm of torque. Acceleration times are up to 6.6s but fuel economy also suffers with a rating of 8.7L.