The two Brits that set out to conquer the 10,000-mile trek from Tokyo to London in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage have reached the end of the epic journey, arriving at the UK capital earlier today after traveling for 49 days. In doing so, drivers Richard Meredith and Phil Colley have entered the record books as the first people to traverse the full extent of the new Asian Highway road network, crossing through 18 different countries.

The aim of the journey was to bring attention to road safety awareness and raise money to help save children from deaths and injury on the roads. The journey is being undertaken in collaboration with the United Nations to promote its own ‘Road Safety Is No Accident’ and the ‘Make Roads Safe campaigns’. According to UN figures, over the period of the 49 days, 150,000 people will have been killed on the world’s roads – 25,000 of these children.

The Vantage they used is the same car that was driven previously for 30,000 miles in 30 days to celebrate the production of Aston’s 30,000th vehicle. The car, which already had 100,000 miles on the clock, was completely stock except for a strengthened sump guard, raised suspension and a full size spare wheel.