With Cerberus Capital Management in charge of Chrysler, the immediate goal for execs is to implement a massive turnaround plan which will see thousands of jobs lost and extensive cost cutting in most departments. Last month, plans for the flagship Imperial sedan were thrown out and any new model will be scrutinized more so than usual before getting the green light.

One of these new models is a production version of the Dodge Demon concept that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. According to Chrysler’s Design Chief Trevor Creed, who spoke recently with Wards Auto, the new Demon is at the top of his agenda and that conditions for this car getting the go-ahead is ideal.

The concept's efficient 2.4L four-cylinder engine is in line with a general trend towards smaller engines by consumers, while its “edgy” styling will keep it looking fresh for the foreseeable future, Creed boasted. Aimed at the same "affordable performance" section of the market as Mazda’s popular MX-5/Miata, the new Demon would be priced around the $15,000 mark.