Russian carmaker GAZ Group has unveiled its new Siber mid-sized sedan at the Interauto Show in Moscow. The new car is based on a Chrysler platform that GAZ acquired the rights to back in April. The rest of the car’s engineering was developed with the help of another firm, British UltraMotive.

Though based on a US-spec Chrysler platform, the new Siber has been specifically tuned for Russian road conditions including stiffer suspension and a taller ride-height. The engine range starts off with a 141hp (105kW) 2.0L but there are plans to add more powerful 2.4L and 2.7L units down the track, reports Global Auto Index.

The Siber will be entering production in March of next year with an estimated 20,000 units expected to roll off the line in its first year and 40,000 units planned for 2009. Technicians from Chrysler will be assisting with quality control for the new car as well as training staff at one of GAZ’s new car plants.