Chrysler has announced today that Toyota's North America President Jim Press will be heading to Auburn Hills to become the carmaker’s new co-president and vice chairman. We don’t normally report on executive shuffles within the auto industry but Chrysler snagging Jim Press is a major coup for the rejuvenated carmaker and a serious thorn in the side of Toyota. Press was recently announced as the first non-Japanese exec to be inducted to Toyota’s board of directors after showing impressive results in the US, the carmaker’s most important market.

Press will share the title of president and vice chairman with former CEO Tom LaSorda, who was recently demoted to the position after Robert Nardelli took over the reigns of the now private company. He will be in charge of all sales, marketing, product strategy, parts and service around the world, while LaSorda will focus on manufacturing and operations, reports the Detroit Free Press.

This is the second Toyota exec bagged by Chrysler in the past month. Chrysler also managed to pick up Lexus marketing vice president Deborah Wahl Meyer as its new chief marketing officer.