As today marks the 85th anniversary of Jaguar Cars, it seems as if the tepid reception of its newest production sport-luxury sedan may also mark the beginning of the end for the once-iconic marque. Having produced some of the world’s most sophisticated and attractive car designs over the decades (think E-type), many feel Jaguar’s latest efforts have failed to meet the admittedly high design expectations of car enthusiasts.

Jaguars have always been the warm and interesting alternatives to the cold Teutonic efficieny of its primary rivals, who have stolen the sports saloon market from the British carmaker in recent years. The XF will have to drive very, very well to be able to compete with the best from Germany.

However, since its acquisition in 1989, the division has failed to yield a profit for parent company Ford, which is why it’s currently up for sale. There’s little hope that the next buyer will be as forgiving as the Blue Oval.

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