At Tuesday's Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen will be unveiling a new minicar concept rumoured to be called the ‘Up’ or ‘City Expert.’ Set to go into production in roughly two years, the new minicar has been designed to replace the current Brazilian-built Fox compact and will be sold in both Western and emerging markets.

The new concept version will have two doors and be able to seat up to four passengers. It will measure 3.45m in length and its track will be 1.42m. Like the original VW Beetle, the engine will be mounted at the rear of the car and send drive through the rear wheels.

Sister brand Audi is expected to unveil its own hybrid powered A1 minicar concept at next month's Tokyo Motor Show and rivals brands Fiat, BMW and Toyota are all planning their own minicar concepts, with Toyota's new model expected to debut at tomorrow's Frankfurt Show as well.