Sales people at Nissan will be taking pre-orders for the new GT-R super coupe as of tomorrow, which means there will be official brochures packed with crucial details for would be buyers. Nissan has released a press release with some initial details, the only important piece of info being that the new range will start at around 7.8 million yen (US$68,000).

The guys over at NAGTROC, meanwhile, managed to score some screen caps of the new brochures, which revealed details about trim levels and the drivetrain. There will be no manual option for the GT-R and the new engine, dubbed the VR38, will displace 3.8L. One performance mod is an optional titanium muffler, which will shed up to 10kg of the car’s kerb weight.

The car will be available in three different trim levels, Base, Black Edition, and Platinum Edition. These are not the new performance levels rumored to debut with the GT-R, instead, they offer varying interior mod-cons such as a Bose stereo and heated seats. Head over to the official GT-R site or click here to read our previous story about the new performance models.