Ferrari has caught onto the direct injection bug and is currently working on implementing the efficient engine technology for its future powertrains. The feature has been used on Audis for years but from 2009 onwards Ferrari will be employing it on several of its supercars. First in line is the F430, followed by the 612 Scaglietti and then the 599 GTB Fiorano.

Engineers from Ferrari are working closely with Bosch, the same vehicle parts supplier Audi uses for its own FSI direct-fuel injection system. Reports claim the technology will allow Ferrari to increase engine performance by 10% and reduce emissions by 40%.

A substantial number of engine components will need to be changed to incorporate direct injection technology. Only the engine block will remain the same, everything above including the fuel injection rail, intakes, cylinder heads, valve trains and throttle bodies will be all new.

This is just one potential technology Ferrari is analyzing for its future drivetrains. In an official technology report, which you can read about by clicking here, Ferrari detailed possible future technologies including drag-force reduction, weight reduction, and more fuel-efficient engines, biofuel capable models and even hybrid-electric cars.

Via: Autoblog