Germany’s political parties are waging war over a proposal to introduce a speed limit to the country’s world famous autobahn. In one corner is the Social Democrats Party (SDP), which has unexpectedly voted in favor of introducing a top speed of 130km/h (80mph) for the speed limit-free sections of road. In the other corner is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who just days ago said she wouldn’t try to impose any speed limits while in power.

The movement to impose a limit comes because of fears of global warming and the need to curb carbon dioxide emissions. Studies have shown that a speed limit would cut vehicle CO2 output by 5% almost immediately and by up to 15% in the long term. It’s these findings that have led the SDP to ignore Merkel and vote in favor of the limits.

Contrary to what most readers of this site would think, a majority of Germans actually favor a speed limit. Opinion polls show that roughly 60% of Germans want it, reports Automotive News. However, Environmental Minister Sigmar Gabriel explained that the proposal will be “hard to pass into law” because it doesn’t have support from Merkel’s Christian Democrats party.