An official image of the new M3 Sedan has cropped up on M3 Post, and as suspected it reveals the new model is basically the E90 sedan with the M3 Coupe's front-end lobbed on. In fact, the two cars share only the the load-bearing structure, doors, roof, trunk lid. Like the M3 Coupe, the Sedan variant is developed from the ground up as a separate car and makes extensive use of aluminum to keep weight to a minimum.

Expect to see the same 420hp 4.0L V8 as the M3 Coupe and similar performance statistics as well: acceleration to 100km/h (62mph) in less than 4.9s, with top speed electronically limited to 155mph. The same Variable M-Differential Lock should also appear, ensuring power from the fast-revving F1-inspired V8 reaches the ground with maximum effect.