Despite the millions spent by Renault on its Formula One team and its recent success in the competition, translating these efforts to its production cars is a moot point because Renault’s lineup is lacking in the sports car department. Management is hoping to change all that and is keen to start building sports cars again, as it has in the past, with the revival of the legendary Alpine label.

Renault’s marketing boss Patrick Blain has revealed that there are plans for several sports cars in Renault’s future lineup but stressed that the first model won’t arrive until after 2010. Blain confirmed that Renault is unlikely to pick a new name for its future sports car and will probably go with Alpine to brand it.

When talking about the first of the new Alpine models, Blain described it as being a “radical sports car” and not just a sports version of a regular model. Other cars Renault is considering include new premium models such as new versions of the Vel Satis and Avantime lines.

Before then we will see a new flagship coupe previewed by the recent Laguna Coupe Concept. Blain explained that Renault is busy focusing on launching 26 new models by the end of 2009.

Pictured above is the Renault Alpine A110, which led the team to victory in the 1973 World Rally Championship in modified form.