We were disappointed to see that BMW launched the new M3 Sedan with only the six-speed manual gearbox when we know that there’s likely to be a new dual-clutch gearbox in the works. We now have confirmation that a seven-speed gearbox is planned for the M3 Sedan and even have the final gear ratios thanks to official documents from BMW.

There’s no mention of any release date or in fact if this is for a dual-clutch gearbox but it’s expected that BMW’s M3 will receive the innovative gearbox design eventually. We originally predicted that BMW would launch it in the new M3 four-door but, according to AutoTelegraaf, officials may wait until sales of the conventional manual cars start to slow.

BMW still has to unveil the Cabrio and Touring versions of the M3, so the launch of the dual-clutch box may coincide with either of these. In the meantime, click here to read to see all the official details for the new sedan.