Spyker has applied to change its name to Force India for the 2008 season, new team owner Vijay Mallya revealed at Interlagos on Saturday. It emerged from the scene of Sunday’s Brazilian grand prix that Mallya, who recently bought the Dutch squad in conjunction with Michiel Mol, has asked the FIA to approve the change.

“We have applied to the FIA for a change in name of the company and the team from Spyker to Force India,” he said, according to the news agency Reuters. “I think that sums it all up as to why I am here.”

It is believed that F1’s chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has already approved the new name, but the change must also be agreed by the other teams. Only then will it be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council for final ratification.

If approved, the new name will be the fourth in as many years for the Silverstone based team, which was christened Jordan in 1991, sold to Midland in 2005 and renamed after the struggling Dutch sports car maker Spyker for this year.