Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn spoke about Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show, telling attendees how the decision to launch Infiniti in Europe was ‘relatively easy’ because its lineup would remain the same as in other markets such as the U.S., Russia, China and Korea.

He also said Infiniti will be looking to focus more on quality rather than quantity, reports Automotive News. Brand image, profitability and customer satisfaction will be ranked as the highest of priorities. “What would be a problem is if Infiniti is not considered one of the best brands in Europe,” he said.

Infiniti is to launch in Europe in 2008, and despite being one of the world’s biggest luxury markets, the brand is ‘not looking for a huge market share in Europe.’ Such attitude towards quality product and customer satisfaction is sure to worry the well established European luxury marques, however the same attitude has had only limited success for Lexus and we doubt Infiniti will be able to do any different.