Despite a number of setbacks, including a fiery incident during a Fifth Gear shoot, the developers of the Caparo T1 (pictured below) haven’t given up on their ‘Formula One car for the road’ project. A handful of the cars have been sold and now a new version is coming, the T1 Evolution.

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As the name suggests, the latest model from Caparo is an updated version of the T1. The car boasts a more powerful engine, improved safety and a few amenities designed to make it a more forgiving car than its predecessor.

The biggest change will be in the area of aerodynamics, with Caparo promising an updated look that is ultra-modern and more aerodynamic. This will be in addition to some extensive mechanical updates, the highlight of which is a bespoke powertrain boasting a 700-horsepower output. The previous T1 had a 3.5-liter V-8 good for 575 horsepower.

In order to tame the beast of an engine, the T1 Evolution also gets an updated chassis with a suspension configuration set up for increased stiffness and performance. The car also features a number of driver aids including ABS and traction and stability control to ensure it meets all necessary safety criteria to be street legal.

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In the cabin, Caparo says the T1 Evolution benefits from improved driver comfort compared to the previous T1. A new interface plus telemetry and communications systems have also been fitted. These will link up with a new ‘Virtual Engineer’ package designed to enhance track days.

Interestingly, Caparo is also promising a range of extras such as components made from precious metals.

The order books for the T1 Evolution are now open but Caparo is yet to announce when deliveries will commence.

caparo t1 motorauthority 004

caparo t1 motorauthority 004