The Caparo T1 supercar is in the final rounds of its testing phase but it appears developers still have some major bugs to iron out. While driving one of the final prototypes, British Touring Car Championship driver and Fifth Gear presenter Jason Plato was hurt when the car’s engine burst into flames at an estimated 150mph.

Plato received burns to his hands, face, and the back of the neck, and was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. In a statement, he said he felt a slight loss of power, then saw smoke in the mirrors before suddenly feeling intense heat. “The car spontaneously erupted into a ball of flame and I was stuck in the middle of a fireball. I hit the brakes, brought the car to a stop as quickly as I could and jumped out,” he explained.

This will undoubtedly delay the launch of the high performance two-seater, which was supposed to go on sale by the middle of this year. The engine develops a staggering 575bhp (425kW) from its 3.5L of displacement and achieves this peak at 10,500rpm, which explains its highly stressed nature. We hope engineers can fix any issues without changing any of the final specs, which you can check out by clicking here.